The GVG-AI Competition - Planning Track

The participants of the GVG-AI Planning Competition must submit a Java controller that plays in any game the VGDL framework can support. To start developing a controller, you just need to download the starter kit and follow the instructions. The starter kit contains the VGDL Framework code, some sample controllers that will help you to get used to the GVG-AI Framework and 30 games, each one of them with 5 levels, to train your controller.

Before the deadline of the competition, the server will be available for you to submit your controller to get it tested. This server will compile and execute your controller in any of the three Training sets or in the Validation game set (your choice). The results of this evaluation, including compilation and execution errors, will be shown on this website, in your profile section.

This website also keeps a ranking of all submissions so that you can compare the performance of your controller with other competitors in the two available sets to execute in. In general, all games can be considered to be stochastic, so every time you submit a controller, even if they are executed in the same games and levels, you should expect different results.

None of the results obtained in these submissions will influence the final results of the competition. After the deadline, all controllers will be executed in the final Test game set, and the results of these evaluations will produce the final competition results.

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