The GVG-AI Competition - Game Sets

Training Set Games 1 (2015; CIG 2014)

These are the 10 games from the training set 1. This set was used as (the only) training set during the CIG 2014 competition. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set Games 1 (2015; CIG 2014)
Aliens In this game you control a ship at the bottom of the screen shooting aliens that come from space. You better kill them all before they reach you!
Boulderdash Your objective here is to move your player through a cave, collecting diamonds, before finding the exit. Beware of enemies that hide underground!
Butterflies You are a happy butterfly hunter. This is how you live your life, and you like it. So be careful, you don't want them to become extinct!
Chase You like to chase goats. And kill them. However, they usually don't like you to do it, so try not to get caught doing that!
Frogs Why did the frog cross the road? Because there is a river at the other side. What would you cross the river as well? Because your home is there, and it's cosy.
Missile Command Some missiles are being shot to cities in your country, you better destroy them before they reach them!
Portals You control an avatar that needs to find the exit of a maze, but moving around is not so simple. Find the correct doors that take you to the exit!
Sokoban In this puzzle you must push the boxes in the maze to make them fall through some holes. Be sure you push them properly!
Survive Zombies How long can you survive before you become their main course for dinner? Hint: zombies don't like honey (didn't you know that?).
Zelda Get your way out of the dungeon infested with enemies. Remember to find the key that opens the door that leads you to freedom!

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