The GVG-AI Competition - Game Sets

Training Set Games 4 (Validation GECCO 2015; Test Set CIG 2014)

These are the 10 games from the training set 4. This set was used as test for CIG-2014, and as validation for GECCO-2105. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set Games 4 (Validation GECCO 2015; Test Set CIG 2014)
RoguelikeIn this game, the objective is to find and escape the maze through the final door. In between, you'll find monsters that can be killed with a sword that you can pick up, doors can be opens with collectible keys and gems and gold are available to be looted. There is also a market where you can exchange coins for health.
SurroundThis game can be ended whenever you want, using the USE action to win the game. You get a point for every move you are able to make. After moving, a non-traversable sprite is added in your previous location. There is also an enemy doing the same as you, who kills you in contact.
CatapultsThe objective of the game is to reach the exit door to win. The avatar cannot step on ponds of water, but can jump over them using catapults. Each catapult can be used only once.
PlantsEmulating the Plants vs. Zombies game, this game consists of setting a farm full of plants that shoots peas to incoming zombies. These zombies can also shoot 'stuff' to kill the plants. The game ends if the time runs out with a victory, but you'd lose if at least a zombie reaches the defensive end.
Plaque-AttackHamburguers and hotdogs are attacking your teeth. You must shoot them (ammo: fluoride, of course) in order to save at least one tooth (to keep eating more hamburguers and hotdogs). Damaged teeth can be repaired by the avatar upon contact. When all food items are destroyed, you win. If all your teeth are gone, you lose.
JawsBack to the bottom of the sea, you must shoot dangerous beasts (fish) to collect the resources they drop. At some point, a shark will appear that you cannot kill by shooting at him, but only touching him when you have collected a determined number of resources. Killing the shark gives considerably more points than the other animals, and the game ends when the player dies (defeat) or the time runs out (victory).
LaberynthSimple game where the objective is to find the exit of the maze. Beware of some traps in the way, though.
BoulderchaseSimilar to Boulderdash, but the enemies can dig as well and chase the player. They also drop an additional gem every time a gem is consumed.
EscapeThe objective is to leave the level through the exit door, pushing away boxes that are in the way. This boxes can be destroyed by pushing them into holes, but those holes also kill the player if the avatar falls into them.
LemmingsLemmings are spawned from one door and try to get to the exit of the level. The problem is that there are many obstacles on the way, and the avatar must destroy these so the lemmings can reach the exit. There are traps as well that kill the lemmings if they fall into them. Score is given for every lemming that reaches the exit, but subtracted from every piece of wall destroyed (hence the game rewards those diggers that do less work - more optimally).

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