The GVG-AI Competition - Game Sets

Training Set Games 2 (2015; Validation CIG 2014)

These are the 10 games from the 2015 training set 2. This set was used as validation game set for the CIG 2014 competition. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set Games 2 (2015; Validation CIG 2014)
Camel Race The avatar must get to the finish line before any other camel does.
Digdug The avatar must collect all gems and gold coins in the cave, digging its way through it. There are also enemies in the level that kill the player on collision with him. Also, the player can shoot boulders by pressing USE two consecutive time steps, which kill enemies.
Firestorms The avatar must find its way to the exit while avoiding the flames in the level, spawned by some portals from hell. The avatar can collect water in its way. One unit of water saves the avatar from one hit of a flame, but the game will be lost if flames touch the avatar and he has no water.
Infection The avatar can get infected by colliding with some bugs scattered around the level, or other animals that are infected (orange). The goal is to infect all healthy animals (green). Blue sprites are medics that cure infected animals and the avatar, but don't worry, they can be killed with your mighty sword.
Firecaster The avatar must find its way to the exit by burning wooden boxes down. In order to be able to shoot, the avatar needs to collect ammunition (mana) scattered around the level. Flames spread, being able to destroy more than one box, but they can also hit the avatar. The avatar has health, that decreases when a flame touches him. If health goes down to 0, the player loses.
Overload The avatar must reach the exit with a determined number of coins, but if the amount of collected coins is higher than a (different) number, the avatar is trapped when traversing marsh and the game finishes. In that case, the avatar may kill marsh sprites with the sword, if he collects it first.
Pacman The avatar must clear the maze by eating all pellets and power pills. There are ghosts that kill the player if he hasn't eaten a power pill when colliding (otherwise, the avatar kills the ghost). There are also fruit pieces that must be collected.
Seaquest The player controls a submarine that must avoid being killed by animals and rescue divers taking them to the surface. Also, the submarine must return to the surface regularly to collect more oxygen, or the avatar would lose. Submarine capacity is for 4 divers, and it can shoot torpedoes to the animals.
Whackamole The avatar must collect moles that pop out of holes. There is also a cat in the level doing the same. If the cat collides with the player, this one loses the game.
Eggomania There is a chicken at the top of the level throwing eggs down. The avatar must move from left to right to avoid eggs breaking on the floor. Only when the avatar has collected enough eggs, he can shoot at the chicken to win the game. If a single egg is broken, the player loses the game.

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