The GVG-AI Competition - Game Sets

Training Set 2-Player Games 1 (Training 2016)

These are the 10 2-player games from the training set 1. This set is the first 2-player games set, first used in the 2016 competitions. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set 2-Player Games 1 (Training 2016)
Akka Arrh In this cooperative game, two players defend a spaceship from aliens attacking it. The objective is to get into the spaceship before one of the enemies collides with it. However, the spaceship is locked, so one of the avatar needs to find a switch in the level to open it. Game continues until a maximum number of game ticks is reached. Each avatar gets 2 points for each enemy killed, and the one that finds the key switch gets 10 points. Both receive -1 points if the ship is destroyed.
Asteroids Two players in a space full of asteroids. The asteroids can be shot, given 3 points for each one destroyed. every time an asteroid is hit, it spawns smaller asteroids, which are destroyed after 3 iterations. The players can also shoot (and kill) each other, giving 10 points to the one that shoots and -2 to the shot ship. There are also static blocks in the level that give protection and can be destroyed too (1 point). The game ends after cetain amount of timesteps, or one of the players is destroyed. In the former case, the player with more points at the end wins the game.
Capture Flag The level is divided into two areas, and each area contains a flag. The objective is to capture the flag in the opponent's territory and bring it to the player's own area. Each time this is done, the player that captures gets 3 points. Each player can stop the other by capturing him. If the captured avatar has the flag, 2 points are given to the other avatar and -2 to the captured one. If they don't have the flag, captures give 1 and -1 point respectively (depending on which area the avatars are in). All captures respawn flag and avatars to initial positions. The game ends after a certain amount of timesteps, when the player with more points wins the game.
Crops N Robbers Two players, one is the robber (with the objective of collecting all resources) and the other is a cop (with the objective of capturing the robber, or killing it using... a sword). The robber wins if all gems are collected (1 point given for each), and the cop wins if he catches the robber (4 points for the cop). If timeout happens, both players lose the game.
Gotcha This game features a player that has to chase another. Other kids are playing in the playground, avoiding the players to move freely. There are some safe places that the chased player can go to, although they can only be used for a limited amount of time, before they disappear once the chased player enters them. If the chaser catches the other player, wins the game with 1 point. If this doesn't happen, the chased player wins after a timeout.
Klax Two players compete for getting the highest score in a game where different objects fall from the sky. Each object is identified by a colour, and there are more colours than players. If a player first catches a colour, it claims it for itself. After that, every caught object of the colour claimed by the avatar gives 2 points. Objects picked of the opponent's colour give 1 point. Picking objects from an unclaimed colour removes all points from the avatar. Game ends with a timeout and the player with the highest score wins.
Samaritan In this game, one player tries to cross a portal to another world, while the other tries to avoid so. The first player can win the game by just reaching one of the portals in the game, while the second needs to avoid this from happening by either obstructing the other player, or by using a wand that teleports the other avatar to its starting location. Game ends also with a timeout, in favour of the second avatar.
Sokoban (2-Players) In this cooperative game, both players try to push all boxes into determined appropriate locations. Every box correctly placed gives 1 point to both avatars, while a box moved out of a correct place removes 1 point to both. Game ends with a timeout (both lose) or when all boxes are correctly place (both win).
Steeplechase A racing game where two players compete for reaching the other end of the level. The first one that reaches the goal wins and gets 1 point. There are obstacles in the level, that can be destroyed with a melee weapon. All levels hide a gem in one of these boxes, which gives 1000 points to the one that finds and collects it.
Tron The popular game of Tron, where two players race in an arena, surrounded by walls, and creating a wall trail behind them. The players are in constant movement, only being able to turn right or left as they advance. The first player that collides against a wall loses the game (giving 1 point to the other player). After a timeout, the game ends with both players losing.

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