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Training Set 2-Player Games 2 (Validation WCCI 2016)

These are the 10 2-player games from the training set 2. This set is the second 2-player games set, used in the 2016 competitions as the validation set for WCCI. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set 2-Player Games 2 (Validation WCCI 2016)
Bee Keeper Two players, one at the top and one of the bottom, defend their army of bees, while trying to destroy the enemy bees with their axes. 2 points are gained for catching the opponent's ax and 2 point are lost for having the opponent catch your ax. The players win 5 points for each enemy bee they kill and lose a point for killing a friendly bee. The game ends when either one bee army is dead, the other player winning the game, or on timeout, the player with most points being the winner in this case.
Bombergirl Each player and their respective minions places bombs which explode after a certain amount of time. Each box destroyed by a bomb awards one point. 50 points are gained for killing the enemy avatar. 10 points are awarded for killing an enemy minion. If one player dies, the other wins. If no more boxes are left or on timeout, the player with most points wins.
Compete Sokoban A competitive version of the game Sokoban. Players push boxes into their own holes. Every box correctly placed gives 1 point to the respective avatar, while a box moved out of a correct place removes 1 point. Game ends with a timeout (both lose) or when all boxes are correctly placed for one avatar, who wins the game.
Donkeykong Barrels spawn at the top of the level and roll down towards the bottom. The players start at the bottom and their goal is to reach the goal at the top first, which earns them 1 point and the win. There are 2 types of barrels which interact differently with the two players: they gain 1 point for catching their own barrels while they are rolling and 2 points if they catch them when the barrels are falling down the stairs. However, they lose 10 points (and the opponent wins 5) if they catch the opponent's falling barrel. If a player gets hit by the opponent's rolling barrel, they lose the game and the opponent earns 500 bonus points, as well as the win.
Dragon Attack Two players, one at the top and one at the bottom, own a number of dragons. They can change the dragons' weapons using switches in their respective sections. The first dragon weapon transforms the enemy's base into toxic mushrooms which make the enemy lose 5 points and the other player win 10 points if the enemy collects the mushrooms. The second weapon can destroy blocks, earning 4 points for each, or kill the enemy avatar, which results in the win, with 1000 bonus points (and 10 penalty for the dead avatar). The avatars have their own weapons, which can either kill the dragons (earning 20 points, plus a 5 point penalty for the opponent) or destroy blocks (earning 2 points for a green block, 1 for a blue block and 1 for a red block with a bonus 1 point penalty for the enemy). In addition, a player destroying a green block spawns a blue one behind, and destroying a blue one spawns a red block behind that. The game ends when either an avatar dies or all of one avatar's base is destroyed (resulting in the win for the opponent). The player with most points wins on timeout or when all the blocks have been destroyed.
Football Each player tries to push the ball into the enemy's goal posts. Each goal earns them 15 points. A player may also kick the ball for a penalty of 1 point, which resets the ball's position to the center of the field. There are other players on the field in the way of the avatars. The game ends on timeout and the player with most points wins.
Minesweeper There are three types of boxes in the level: empty boxes, boxes which contain resources or boxes which contain bombs (which may be player 1 or player 2's bombs). If a player walks over a box which contains their own bomb, they earn a point. The players have 3 health points and can place flags on any of the boxes and reveal what is in the boxes that the enemy marked with flags. If a resource is revealed, any of the avatars may collect it. If an avatar returns to the base in the center with 3 resources, they earn a health point. If a player's bomb is revealed, they lose a health point and the enemy earns 10 points. The game ends when one player loses all 3 health points (the opponent wins). The player with most points wins on timeout or when all of the boxes have been either revealed or marked with flags.
Rivalry A game similar to Capture the Flag. The game is separated into 3 areas: one belonging to the first player, one to the second player and a neutral area. There is only one flag placed in the middle of the neutral area. The avatars can collect this flag and bring it back into their own areas to win 10 points. The avatars have access to different weapons in the 3 areas: a ranged one when in their own area, shooting missiles and a melee weapon in the opponent's area. Hitting the opponent with either weapon resets their position and earns points, as well as penalising the opponent. There may also be enemies in the level which may be killed for points (causing them to respawn at their starting position). If the enemies hit the players, the player's position is reset instead and they lose points. The game ends on timeout, the player with most points wins.
Romeo N Juliet In this cooperative game, one player is Romeo and the other is Juliet. Romeo is poisoned and loses health constantly, but he has access to a melee weapon. Juliet can collect a potion, which gives her 50 points and heals Romeo. There are enemies in the level chasing Juliet, which Romeo can kill for 2 points each. If one player dies, the respective player loses 20 points and they both lose the game. They both win if they both make it to the exit, where Romeo cannot go unless healthy.
Team Escape In this cooperative game, the players are separated into their own areas to begin with. They can press switches which activate doors in the other player's section and must work together so that both make it to the exit.

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