The GVG-AI Competition - Game Sets

Training Set 2-Player Games 3 (Test WCCI 2016)

These are the 10 2-player games from the training set 3. This set was used in the 2016 competitions as the test set for WCCI and the validation set for CIG. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set 2-Player Games 3 (Test WCCI 2016)
Accelerator A racing game on rolling logs, which constantly push players towards the water. If a player falls in, they lose and the other wins. Players can also win by getting to the finish line first(draw possible if they both reach the end point at the same time). The players can use ACTION_USE to make the log accelerate.
Breeding Dragons Each player has several baby dragons (random NPCs). They can feed the baby dragons 2 types of food: the first one fills up their health bar (if health reaches 0, they die); the second type makes them grow into adult dragons. Adult dragons lose health faster; they can also be fed the two types of food, but the second kills them. If 2 adult dragons meet, they spawn one baby dragon if they belong to the same player, or one baby dragon for each player otherwise. One of the two dragons becomes infertile and can no longer spawn babies. The players can feed their own or the opponent’s dragons and they get 5 points for an adult dragon and 2 points for a baby dragon. They lose 4 points for killing a fertile dragon and 3 points for killing an infertile dragon. The player with most points at the end of the game wins.
Drowning Both players start in the water and have a certain amount of air available ticking down. There are logs in the water that they can climb onto and regain the air, but these sink after a certain amount of time after an avatar steps on them. Avatars can push each other. The winner is the player who survives the longest.
Fire Truck In this cooperative game, the players drive a fire truck through twisting city streets, trying to get to a portal. One player controls up/down movement, the other left/right. Either both win or both lose,same amount of points. There are citizens out on the streets which give points if run over. Traps in the level reset the position of the fire truck to the starting position.
Ghostbusters One player is the ghost,the other is the hunter. The ghost can pass through walls and wraps around the level. The hunter shoots missiles (which do not collide with walls and wrap around the level) and moves faster than the ghost. There are two types of NPCs in the game, on either the ghost’s or the hunter’s team, who can also kill the player. The goal of the hunter is to avoid the NPCs that can hurt him and shoot the ghost. The aim of the ghost is to either avoid dying or catch the hunter.
Minions The players control constantly moving minions through an obstacle course by pressing up,down,left and right switches. They can also shoot at the opponent’s minions, which randomly changes the minion’s direction on collision. The goal is to get 5 of the minions from one side to the other.
Oops! Broke It One avatar is the child, breaking the different objects in the level (and getting 1 point for each thing they break). The other avatar is the parent who cleans up and fixes after the child (and gets 1 point for each thing they fix). They can’t break things already broken and can’t fix things already fixed. The one with most points wins. If all things are broken, the child can run out of the house (go to exit door)and win the game. If all things are fixed,the parent can run out of the house (go to exit door) and win the game.
The Bridge In this cooperative game, two pieces of land are separated by water. Both avatars start the side opposite the exit. They have boxes they can push into the water to step on. They can take the boxes out of the water by using ACTION_USE. They have to use the boxes to create a bridge and get to the other side. 1 point awarded for box pushed in the water.
Up High Both avatars build a tower by pushing pieces on top of each other on their own base. There are 3 types of pieces: big, medium and small. Big ones go on the base or other big pieces. Medium ones go on big or other medium pieces. Small ones go on medium or other small pieces. If the order is wrong, the tower crashes and the player loses all points. Players can put pieces on the enemy base – if it’s right, the enemy still earns points, if it’s wrong, the enemy tower crumbles and they lose their points. The player with most points at the end wins.
Watch Out! Each player has their own section. There are a number of blocks in each section,which the players can push(though not outside of their section). Blocks don’t go against the edges so they don’t get stuck at any point. In order to push a block out of their section, the avatars have to push one block into another, which combines them and launches one block towards the enemy section. If that block hits a wall,it remains in the enemy section. If it hits another block, it gets destroyed. If it hits the other avatar, it bounces back (and the same rules apply). The goal is to get rid of all blocks in your section.

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