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Training Set 2-Player Games 4 (Test Set CIG 2016)

These are the 10 2-player games from the training set 4. This set was used in the 2016 competitions as the test set for CIG. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set 2-Player Games 4 (Test Set CIG 2016)
Egg Hunt One player is the Easter bunny and tries to collect all the eggs in the level. The naughty kid can place bushes around the level and if they’re on top of an egg, the bunny can’t see the egg anymore, but can still collect it if it happens to be on top of it. The kid can also push eggs around (making them visible again if pushing them outside of the bushes). The bunny wins if it can collect all the eggs before timeout, the kid otherwise.
Fatty Mother and child. The mother is trying to bake a cake with the ingredients she can find in the level. The ingredients are resources, once she has collected enough she can go to the oven and bake the cake to win the game. The child eats the ingredients. The child can only eat 3 before exploding and losing the game (if he eats the 4th). He can go in bed to make room for more if he already ate 3, otherwise sleeping does nothing - either way, the child gets locked in his room for 50 steps if he goes to bed. The child gets points for each ingredient eaten. The game ends on timeout or when no ingredients are left, the child winning if the mother could not bake the cake.
I Saw Santa Santa and the Grinch. There are a number of children in the level and gifts for them. Santa has to give each child their present - a resource that can be picked up from a specific point in the level, one at a time. The Grinch can steal the presents from children. Santa can kick the Grinch back to its lair, from where it can’t leave for 100 ticks. Santa wins if all the children have presents. The Grinch wins otherwise on timeout.
Mimic Both avatars have access to the same set of buttons in their respective areas. In the first half of the game, avatar A can interact with the buttons and activate or deactivate them. In the second half of the game, avatar A cannot change anything anymore and avatar B must reproduce the same pattern created by A. B wins if he succeeds, A wins otherwise.
Reflection The players are separated into their two areas and cannot interact directly with each other (shooting the enemy directly will not have any effect). There are a number of mirrors in the level, which can be pushed around and change the bullets' direction. The players must bounce the bullets between the mirrors to hit the enemy.
Train Ride Both avatars are on a train constantly moving. The goal is to not get pulled out of the screen. There are obstacles randomly spawning that they can destroy with ACTION_USE, otherwise they can’t pass through them. Each avatar can also spawn static obstacles (not affected by the train's movement), which the enemy can't pass through. The winner is the one that survives more. The game can end in a draw if both survive.
Treasure Map In this cooperative game, up to 3 areas of the map are hidden and avatars can’t go there when they can’t see them. There are also up to 3 switches which reveal an area each and make it accessible. If the switch gets disabled when an avatar is inside an area, that avatar cannot use ACTION_USE anymore, nor leave the area. There are a number of treasure chests in each area which have to be opened (ACTION_USE). The players win when all chests are open.
Upgrade-X There is an area for each player that they can’t leave. They have some laser cannons,which they can move around. If they run into a laser, they lose health points (regardless of whose it is). They can collect resources to transform their lasers into more powerful weapons. 3 types of lasers, all starting as basic ones, can be upgraded once: 1. can destroy enemy resources. 2. no longer affects its own player. 3. if it hits enemy base, it makes it explode. The winner is the player that survives or the one with most points at the end of the game.
War Zone There are multiple types of missiles and armour, changed at various points on the map. Numerous random NPCs attempt to kill the players. They get points for killing NPCs and win the game by killing the opponent. If no one dies on timeout, then the one with most points wins.
Wheel Me In this cooperative game, one avatar is in a wheelchair, the other is his care giver. The goal is to get the avatar in the wheelchair to the exit. There are gaps in the pavement between sections of the level, in which the care giver can place ramps (ACTION_USE). The wheelchair is too heavy for the second player to push. The wheelchair is also electric and must be recharged at different stations in the level (when energy reaches 0, game is lost). There are rude NPCs in the level which chase the wheelchair and if they get to it they kick it back to the starting point. The care giver can kick the NPCs (ACTION_USE) which makes them respawn at their starting point.

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