The GVG-AI Competition - Game Sets

Training Set Games 3 (2015) [Puzzle Set]

These are the 10 games from the training set 3. This is a new set for the 2015 competitions. The games in this set are all puzzles (no NPCs). Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set Games 3 (2015) [Puzzle Set]
Bait The objective of this game is to reach the goal, collecting a key first. The player can push boxes around to open paths. There are holes in the ground that kill the player, but they can be filled with boxes (and both hole and box disappear). The player can also collect mushrooms that give points.
BoloAdventures The objective is to reach the goal. The avatar can push boxes (1 cell at a time) and boulders (roll until it hits another obstacle) around. Boulders can be used to fill holes that obstruct the player movement, and both boulders and boxes can be used to block lasers that kill the avatar.
BrainMan Push keys into doors to open them, until the avatar reaches the exit. Many gems around are available for collection.
ChipsChallenge The avatar must reach the exit in a maze where there are different types of doors: one door can only be open when a determined number of chips is collected. Other doors, of four different colours, can only be open if a determined resource (of the matching) colour has been collected. Finally, some surfaces (water, fire) can only be traversed (or the avatar dies) if specific boots (water boots, fire boots) have been picked up.
Modality The goal is to push a crate into a hole. The avatar can walk over two types of surfaces, and there is a unique point where the player can move from one to the other surface. The box can cross surfaces freely.
Painter The avatar must paint in blue the whole traversable area (initially painted in grey). Each grid cell abandoned by the avatar switches colour from grey to blue, and vice-versa. Some positions can’t be painted in any colour.
RealPortals The avatar must find the exit of the level. It is armed with a gun that allows to open portals in the walls of the level. Two types of portals can be opened (entrance or exit portals), and the avatar must change its weapon in order to open one type or another. The avatar can travel through this portals, as well as shooting through them or pushing rocks. There can also be a key that opens locks in the way to the exit.
RealSokoban The avatar must push boxes so they cover all holes in the level. Boxes that are on top of holes can still be moved (this is different from "Sokoban", from Training Set 1, where a box in a hole cannot be moved anymore). This forces that each box must be placed in a different target.
TheCitadel The objective is to get to the exit of the level. Boxes can be pushed in rows, but boulders only one by one. Boxes and boulders fill different types of holes.
ZenPuzzle The player must paint completely a central area of the map. The avatar must be outside this area when everything is painted, and he cannot traverse those cells already painted.

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