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Training Set Games 6 (Validation CEEC 2015) [Puzzle Set]

These are the 10 games from the training set 6. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set Games 6 (Validation CEEC 2015) [Puzzle Set]
Lasers 2 The objective of this game is to reach the exit, which is typically blocked by a mud sprite. The mud can be destroyed by directing a laser to it. There are several laser cannons whose orientation can be changed by the avatar shooting at them. Apart from this, there are several cristal blocks, that can also be rotated, that deflect the lasers in a certain direction. Lasers kill the player when in contact.
Hungry Birds The avatar is a bird that needs to exit a maze. However, it is incredibly hungry, so it cannot reach the exit without finding food and eating first. The bird becomes hungrier at any time step, and it would die if a certain point is reached.
Cook me Pasta The objective of this game is cook pasta. There are fur ingredients scattered across the level, some of them locked in rooms that need to be open with a key. The ingredients have to be put together in the correct order, or the game will be lost: (boilingwater + rawpasta) + (tomato + tuna).
Factory Manager The objective of this game is to send as many buses to the street/highway as possible. There are three types of exits: one makes the game to be lost, and the other two give different amount of points. The buses are spawned from a location and can be directed with assembly lines and contacting with the player (taking the orientation of these).
Race Bet 2 The objective of this game is guess which camel is going to win the race. Betting is performed by placing the avatar in one of the corresponding betting spots. No points are given in this game. You either bet for the one that wins (and the avatar wins) or you don't (and the avatar loses).
Intersection The goal of this game is to collect as many delivery items are possible. These items are spawned, one by one, at different places in the level. In order to reach them, the avatar must cross a road that is traveled by fast cars. Every time the avatar is hit by a car, it loses a life. The avatar starts with 5 lives, and the game is lost when this number gets to 0.
Black Smoke The objective of this game is to arrive at the exit, avoiding contact with the black smoke that chases the player, and it would kill him. There are boxes in the way to the exit that must be destroyed, and keys to be collected to open doors on the way to escape.
Ice and Fire The objective of this game is to find the exit of the maze. There are traps and two different types of surface (ice and fire) that cannot be traversed unless the appropriate boots are picked up.
Gymkhana The objective of this game is to reach the exit. The avatar cannot touch water, and this can be avoided by using catapults to jump over it, or logs that float on the water. Flying after being shot by a catapult ends when reaching a new island or a log.
Tercio The goal of this game is to push a box into a hole. There are three different types of surfaces (white, black and blue), and the avatar can move from one to another only through grey squares.

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