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Training Set Games 6 (Validation CEEC 2015) [Puzzle Set]

These are the 10 games from the training set 7. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set Games 6 (Validation CEEC 2015) [Puzzle Set]
Colour Escape The player must reach an exit in the level by pushing boxes out of the way. Boxes are of different colours (brown, green, blue and red), and the avatar must activate a switch of each one of those colours to be able to push those respective boxes. Boxes can be made disappear when pushing them into holes, but the avatar would die if it's the one that falls into one. 1 point is added when the avatar reaches the exit, and one is subtracted when the avatar falls into a hole.
Labyrinth Dual The player must reach the exit of the labyrinth. There are two special surfaces that can only be traversed if the coats of the appropriate colour (red or blue) are taken. There are traps in the level that would kill the avatar if stepping into those. -1 point if falling into the traps, 1 point given for reaching the exit and 3 points for each coat taken.
Shipwreck The avatar controls a ship that can move between a shipwreck (from where treasures emerge from) and several ports. The shipwreck spawns three types of treasures (gold, gems and diamonds) and each port prefers them in a different order, giving 10, 5 or 1 points depending on this preference for the resource taken there. There are whirlpools in the water than can kill the avatar, subtrating 10 poitns.
Bomber The objective of the game is to reach the exit. Avatar dies if in contact with water, or after debris of explosion depleting its health points. The avatar can launch bombs that explode when in contact with boxes. These explosions generate debris, that in contact with water transform the sprite in a navigable position. There are lasers in the level that can carry bombs in the direction the lasers shoots. 1 point given for each box destroyed.
Fireman The avatar must extinguish all fire sprites before it extends to boxes. If all boxes are destroyed, the game ends. The avatar has water that can shoot at the fire, but it's not limitless. There are several fountains where the fireman can load more water. -1 point for each box burnt and 2 points for each fire extinguished.
Rivers The objective of this game is to create the course of a river so water reaches all houses around the level. When this happens, the game ends. 1 point is given for each house the water reaches.
ChainReaction The objective of the game is to push all grey boulders into holes. However, these cannot be push directly, they can only moved if hit by a red boulder. The game ends when all grey boulders have gone. Boxes are around to help solve the puzzle. The avatar dies if it falls into a hole. If the level runs out of red boulders, the game is also lost. -10 points if avatar or all red boulders disappear through a hole, and 2 points given for each boulder destroyed.
Islands The avatar must reach the exit of the level from an island he is initially in. He can dig dirt out to create more landmass. There are bombs in the level the avatar should not hit, and also whirlpools that could kill him. Also, there's a treasure in another island that can be taken. 1 point if the exit is reached and 100 points if the avatar takes the treasure.
Clusters The objective of the game is to push boxes around so all of the ones of the same colour are contiguous. There are holes in the levels that would kill the avatar should he fall into one. 1 point is given for each box added to a cluster and -1 for falling into a hole.
Dungeon The avatar must find the end of a dungeon full of traps. Traps are lasers, ground traps and fire bursts that subtract health points, and moving boulders that directly kill the avatar. There are also coins in the level that the avatar can take for score, and a key that can be picked up in order to reach the exit. The avatar can switch laser cannons off if in contact with them. 1 point per coin collected, 10 points for reaching the exit and 2 points for switching a cannon off.

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