The GVG-AI Framework

The Video Game Definition Language (VGDL)

The Video Game Definition Language (VGDL) is a language design by Tom Schaul, originally implemented by him in Python using py-game. A detailed description of VGDL can be found in this paper.

VGDL describes games in a very concise manner, each game taking a few dozens of lines of plain text. The definition is divided into four sections. On the right, you can see the definition of the game Sokoban.

  • SpriteSet Defines all available sprites for the game, including their parameters and display settings.
  • LevelMapping Defines relationships between characters, used in the level definitions, and the available sprites.
  • InteractionSet Specifies what events occur when two sprites of a given type collide in the game.
  • TerminationSet Specifies the end conditions of the game, indicating whether the player wins or not.

Sokoban definition

The GVG-AI Competition uses a Java port of the original py-vgdl (we call it, not surprisingly, java-vgdl). You can go to the software section to download the latest version.

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